The Star Of 'It Follows' Tells You How To Beat A Sex Ghost

Maika Monroe has the know-how to survive a horror movie.

If you want to make it out of a horror movie alive, cinema's newest scream queen has a few tips: "Having the strength to survive and knowing how to shoot a gun and being able to run really well" are essential, according to Maika Monroe.

Monroe, 21, stars in "It Follows" a new convention-bending horror movie from writer-director David Robert Mitchell, in theaters now. The plot of the movie is deceptively silly sounding for how hair-raising the film is: teen girl Jay (Monroe) has sex with a boy. He informs her that now that she's had sex, a shape-shifting ghost that only she can see will stalk her until she either a. has sex with someone else and passes on the curse, or b. succumbs to it and is killed, in which case it will go backwards down the line to the person who gave it to her.

[Note: Monroe calls the ghosts "its," which is much classier than our previous terminology of "sex ghost."]

Think of it as a particularly vicious, recurring STD. So will Jay pass it on, knowing that she's putting another life in danger, or will she try to outrun and possibly defeat the ghost?

In an interview with MTV News, Monroe admitted that the plot of the movie sounds strange on paper, to say the least.

"I read it and thought this was one of the weirdest scripts I've ever read, just the concept of it," she said.

Here's what else Monroe had to say about "It Follows," how to know something's scary and her ultimate horror movie date.

  1. How do you know a movie is going to be scary just from reading the script?

    "I think for me it has to be trusting the director because it's so hard. You're reading a script and it's flat, it's, you know, you can kind of say 'that might make people jump,' or 'that might scare people,' or 'that's kind of haunting,' but you have to have trust in a director. It's all in the filming. It's all how they edit it, the music, how they put it together that makes it scary. It's hard to tell. ... What I could tell the most is when they were describing the 'its' and how a girl half-naked will be walking toward you, missing teeth, disfigured face, that sort of stuff was like OK, that sort of sounds disturbing."

  2. The 'its' change form, but are always terrifying. What would your 'it' look like?

    "It has something deformed and creepy and, you know, even the one in the kitchen [in "It Follows"] where she's missing teeth and all that, that was nuh-uh, that was super creepy."

  3. Do you like horror movies? What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
    New Line

    "My dad introduced me to 'The Shining' when I was super young and there's something so amazing about feeling absolutely terrified. There's something so fun about going to the movies with your friends and after not being able to sleep and having nightmares. There's something very fun about that in a very odd way. To be honest, I remember 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' scared the crap out of me when I was a kid just because the premise of it, when you go to sleep and your dreams become real and you can get killed in your dreams. I didn't want to sleep. It was really terrifying for me. I remember being totally scarred for life from that one."

  4. If you were in "It Follows" and got infected, what would you do? Would you pass it on, or fight it?

    "I'd probably first fly to the other side of the world, start there, because I'd have a lot of time, and then I'd probably try and pass it on. Let's be honest, I'd try and pass it on. [I'd probably tell the person.] I'd be like, 'just keep passing it,' so it goes deeper and deeper in and I don't have to worry about it anymore. Well, I probably will. Maybe."

  5. Would you survive a horror movie, whether it's "It Follows" or something else?

    "Hell yeah, I would. Hell yeah! I'd like to believe that, at least. This is why I'm doing [horror movies], so I'm trained, so I know how to beat the bad guys."

  6. If you could watch a horror movie with anyone living, dead or undead, who would it be and what would you watch?
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    "Probably Jack Nicholson, I'd want to watch "The Shining" with Jack Nicholson. That would be incredible. I'd be like, 'OK, wait tell me about this, what was the meaning behind this, what was Kubrick doing in this scene?' I'd be insane. That would be amazing."

"It Follows" is in theaters now.