Ray Liotta Is Drunk, Riding A Horse And Setting Things On Fire In Ed Sheeran’s ‘Bloodstream’ Video

I can't make this up.

The life of an aging rock star isn't so glamorous... that is, according to Ed Sheeran's latest video for "Bloodstream."

The pop star doesn't appear in the video, but hands the spotlight to "Goodfellas" actor Ray Liotta. The actor portrays a former famous hair-metal frontman in the fictitious group Black Glove, who is having a hard time coming to terms that life isn't what it used to be.

The video centers around Ray, who is alone in a giant mansion in a room filled with certified gold album plaques. As he drinks away all of his sorrows, he attempts to recreate his sex-love-and-rock-and-roll days with a party filled with scantily clad younger women.

However, his sadness turns to anger as he destroys his memorabilia, throws glasses, lights his guitar on fire, and, for some unknown but amazing reason, he rides a horse around inside his home. The video ends with Ray sitting alone in a room with police sirens echoing in the background.

The song, a remix featuring British group Rudimental, is the fourth single off Ed'sX. The video also dropped on the same day that the singer announced that he has launched his very own record label with the best name of all time, Gingerbread. Ed signed British singer/songwriter Jamie Lawson as his first artist and will be launching it in Australia.