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See The Original Sketch For Nicki Minaj's Golden Pinkprint Tour Look

Pretty on fleek.

Last week, we got the first glimmering look at Nicki Minaj's eye-popping wardrobe for her Pinkprint tour. Now, the details are rolling in. It should come as no surprise that one of the designers behind Onika's bodacious sparkle was The Blonds, who have a history of adding to the shine of performers like Beyonce and Miley Cyrus. Nicki clearly brought in the experts for this tour.

Interestingly, it wasn't the pink disco ball suit that the Blonds revealed they were behind (YET, anyway—I still have my bets). The sparkle-loving designers instead shared the sketch for Minaj's golden curtain skirt, bustier, and thigh-high boots. Judging by it, Nicki is one of the only people on earth who can wear clothes better than her sketched portrait.

It can't be too long until we get to see what else is in store for Nicki's Pinkprint Tour, right??