'Finding Carter' Sneak Peek: Season 2 Will Kick Off With All Kinds Of Amazing

Watch the show's action-packed first act now!

Mother always knows best? That's not quite the case as far as "Finding Carter" is concerned.

When the drama returns to MTV next Tuesday, March 31 at 10/9c, Carter Stevens, who was drugged and kidnapped on the show's Season 1 finale, will woozily wake up in a small, dark hotel room. And in an eight-minute sneak peek of the Season 2 premiere below, she'll proceed to confront Lori, who stole her away from her family.

For most of her life, Carter mistakenly believed Lori was her mother but got a rude awakening on the show's pilot when police informed her that Lori had kidnapped her when she was a child and raised her away from her family. And Carter had finally assimilated with the Wilsons toward the end of the show's first season when Lori popped up and abducted her once more.

And while Carter struggles to make sense of her captivity, Carter's actual mother, Detective Elizabeth Wilson, will go rounds with federal agents, who aim to remove her from Lori's case out of fear that she'll prove to be a conflict of interest in the investigation.

"I can't do this again," she cries to her husband David in the clip, after officially being stripped of her jurisdiction. "I can't lose our baby again!"

It seems Elizabeth may not have to worry, though, as in a final act of gall, Carter sprints away from Lori. So will she be home free, or will Lori keep her hooks in Carter? Check out the segment, and be sure to tune in to the brand-new episode next week!