Meet #PiccoloGirl, The Tear-Stained Face Of March Madness Disappointment


If you're anything like us, your NCAA brackets have already been obliterated after the first round. We're sad about it, but not quite as sad as one Villanova band member. In fact, we're willing to bet she may be one of the saddest fans in the history of March Madness.

Saturday night, top-seeded Villanova lost to NC State. It was a major upset, and a close game at that – the score was 71-68. Amid the devastation, this weepy-yet-determined coed emerged to remind us all that the show must go on.

Friends, meet #PiccoloGirl.

Here she is in action.

Now, there's something inspirational to be said here – something about pushing through the pain. Something about how one's heart must go on. And while we conjure that elusive nugget of wisdom, enjoy these picks from the resulting meme-ified #PiccoloGirl images:

Play on, sad piccolo playa. Play on.