Louis Tomlinson Split From His Girlfriend And One Direction Fans Are Freaking Out

Elounor is no more.

Last night, Louis Tomlinson's rep confirmed to People that the One Direction singer and his long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder broke up. And the Internet exploded.

#Elounor, #ElounorBreakup and #LouisAndEleanorBrokeUp are currently trending on Twitter – and fan reactions are wildly varying.

From the uber sympathetic... the mathematically enlightened... the disbelieving... the sarcastic... the enterprising. (Hey, E! – maybe think about it?)

Apparently, Louis and Eleanor have been residents of Splitsville for two weeks now, but they waited to announce their parting so they could enjoy some semblance of privacy through the difficult time. We hope they binged on all their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook use during those 14 days, because they're gonna need to go dark to survive this heartbreak – it's a minefield out there.

The couple had been dating since 2011 – practically a common law marriage in celebrity terms. Think about how hard it is to handle a split from a long-time love in the first place, then imagine it amplified by a gazillion – like, when's the last time your breakup had its own hashtag? We feel for what Louis and Eleanor are dealing with right now. Be kind to them, Internet.