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Are We About To See The End Of Strip Clubs In Canada?

It might be time for Drake to step in.

Things are looking grim for the once-proud strip clubs of Canada.

Once upon a time Canucks feasted their eyes on gyrating flesh in establishments across the country; increasingly, these businesses are closing down as interest shifts elsewhere, according to CBC News.

Cheetah's Show Lounge in Kelowna, B.C., is one such business. The once a thriving club was forced to shut its doors for good recently.

"The market demand for adult entertainment clubs is a male around a certain age," Tim Lambrinos, director of the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada, said in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

"It seems that young Canadian males are more distracted with other types of interests -- Game Boys, plugging in things and so on and it's almost as if the young women are the ones bringing them out to the clubs now," said Lambrinos.

With Cheetah's closed, Lambrinos notes that Kelowna -- a city of 100,000 -- now only has one strip club. Toronto, which used to have 63 strip clubs, now has only 14 (despite Drake's best efforts, we're sure).

Lambrinos noted that, while many people assume that strip clubs are hotbeds for crime, this is generally a misconception: "In terms of crime, even public complaints, the licensed adult entertainment clubs were the bottom of the list when it came to public complaints."

A spokesperson for the city of Kelowna confirmed that Cheetah's Show Lounge did not receive an abnormal amount of complaints compared with other late-night businesses.

Drake: Will you Canada's strip clubs?