I Tried To Count All The Cat Ears At Ariana Grande's Concert, And Here's How Far I Got

I was able to photograph 36 of 'em, but I'm pretty sure I was thousands off.

If you haven't noticed, cat ears are kind of Ariana Grande's thing. She's worn them in interviews, onstage and even when she's just chillin'. So, as you can guess, when I went to Ari's concert in New York City on Friday night, fans were donning feline headbands left and right. I tried to count them all, but, well, there were just too many!

Many Arianators at the Honeymoon Tour got light-up cat ears for free, while others got black lace ears from the merch tables. Some of the crafty fans made their own. Here's what we found:

  1. Fuzzy, black ears

    Amanda, Julianna, Hannah and Ophir

  2. A family of kittens

    Deonnie, Olivia, Gabby, Stella and Anabel

  3. Some pearly ears. So luxurious!

    Campbell, Ruby and Alice

  4. Rhinestone ears

    Camryn, Cristyn and Lily

  5. Cat-earred pals

    Emily and Sabrina

  6. Purr-fection.

    Corine and Rieanna

  7. Clever floral ears

    Izzy and Whitney

  8. Lite Brite ears. There's no missing these gals!

    Alexandra, Emily and Olivia

  9. More homemade ears. They totally nailed it.

    Karina and Cassie

  10. Their headbands were My Everything.

    Gracie and Melanie

  11. Loved her tiger ears!


  12. Kitties from above.

    Nicolette, Alyssa, Elisabeth and Gabriella

  13. Post-show babes.
  14. Oh yeah! And how could we forget Ari herself!? Cat queen.