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Jason Derulo Is Using Tinder In A Very, Very Unexpected Way

The singer is debuting his 'Want to Want Me' music video on the dating app on March 23.

Can we talk for a sec about how effin’ innovative the music industry has become lately? From surprise albums that drop a week early — or without any notice at all — to music videos debuting on Snapchat, a ton of artists have been raising the shock value on their business strategies and finding new ways to keep fans on their toes.

In the latest example of this, we find hit maker Jason Derulo unveiling the video for his latest single, “Want to Want Me,” in a VERY unexpected place: Tinder.

Yep, you read that right. TINDER. As in, the dating app that we usually only use to kill time when we’re bored and/or desperate.

It may seem like a crazy move, but Derulo actually has a perfectly legit reason for it: Tinder is the future, and he just wants to be a part of the movement.

“Social media and dating together is the new wave,” he told Us Weekly. “It is the source of one half of the relationships in 2015, and I'm all about being part of the new wave.”

Unfortunately, Derulo squashed our hopes of seeing his shirtless selfies on the app next time he’s passing through our hometowns. The 25-year-old crooner — who’s recently single after splitting from Jordin Sparks last year — admitted he doesn’t actually use the app.

“I would if it wasn’t so unpredictable,” he said. “I’d probably meet some huge fans, but otherwise it’s not a safe bet. Maybe if they come up with a version of Tinder for celebrities, then I would do it. I do think it is a beautiful thing and works.”

Tinder for celebrities... hmm, someone should cash in on that, STAT.

The only question we’re left with is how Derulo’s video is actually going to reach users. Usually on Tinder, you just sift through people and their pictures, not videos. Guess we'll just keep swiping until it shows up?


The video drops Monday (March 23), which means you only have a couple days to download the app if you’re not already using it. And if you’re in a relationship but still want to see the video in all its Tinder glory... well, good luck explaining that to your significant other.