Friendly Fire: Look Back At 'Challenge' BFFs Who Had To Square Off In Elimination Rounds

Taking out your enemy is easy, but what about your ally?

Being forced to fight for survival in a "Challenge" elimination round is a tough enough pill to swallow, but doing it against a friend? Now that's the pits.

On Tuesday night's "Battle of the Exes 2" episode, good pals Johnny and Leroy were forced to square off in The Dome (again), and as if the pressure to last until the final mission didn't amount to enough of a headache, the guys quickly realized a win would come at a cost: the guilt of sending an ally packing.

Ultimately, Leroy pulled out the W and was added to an unfortunate list of competitors who had no choice but to send buddies packin'. Look back at others who had to similarly grin and bear it, and find out who will be "Battle of the Exes 2" champions Tuesday night at 10/9c!

    Sarah vs. Rachel, "The Gauntlet" Though Sarah had to suffer through the role of Road Rules' resident scapegoat, she found a small bit of consolation from Team Real World in good buddy Rachel. That is, until Sarah and Rachel were both voted into the elimination round against each other and, after Ride 'Em, Cowboy, Sarah's fourth trip into The Gauntlet, she was forced to send her pal packin' -- and reduced to a teary mess. KellyAnne vs. Evelyn, "The Ruins"
    There came a time when The Champions team would have preferred a pack of lepers as teammates to Evelyn and Wes, and so, when they got the chance, they sent Evelyn into The Ruins against her BFF KellyAnne. Usually never one to quit, Evelyn chose to submit to the game to spare her friend, and it was one of the few times viewers saw her leave the game early. Wes vs. Danny, "Fresh Meat"
    The "Real World: Austin" exports were implicit allies when they stepped into their first "Challenge" together. But the game's veterans weren't so keen on keeping the new kids around, and after the very first mission, Danny and Wes had to go head-to-head in Exile. Wes came out on top, but victory proved to be anything but sweet. Cara Maria vs. Laurel, "Free Agents"
    True, Cara Maria and Laurel were bickering at the tail-end of "Free Agents," but they had a years-long friendship by the time The Draw determined it was time for them to go head-to-head. Eventual champion Laurel beat the injured Cara Maria without much trouble, and though she felt no guilt in the moment, a bit of heartache eventually crept up to her. Christena vs. Mallory, "The Inferno" As two of the less dramatic cast members in Acapulco, Christena and Mallory found a common bond, but their connection was put to the test when they were voted into The Inferno in tandem. And after "Noise Pollution," one of the most bizarre elimination rounds the game has seen, Christena was left standing, while Mallory was forced to wave goodbye to Mexico. Wes and Mandi vs. Evelyn and Luke, "Fresh Meat 2"
    In a game like "Fresh Meat 2," it's one alliance against another. And when Wes' ship sank, Kenny's fleet sent him in against his most trusted ally Evelyn, who eventually sent him packing after a grueling multi-mile race through the woods of British Columbia.