25 Times 'Pretty Woman' Said What You Were All Thinking

Once a classic, always a classic.

It's so hard to believe that "Pretty Woman," a.k.a. the movie launched Julia Roberts' career and kind of made us all want to get our fingers stuck in expensive jewelry boxes, was first released 25 years ago to the day (March 23). It was meant to be a lighthearted piece of escapism, but just like Vivian herself it has stuck around far longer than anyone imagined, and continues to captivate audiences looking for their romantic comedy fix.

Let's face it, though, "Pretty Woman" really only works because of its leading lady's effortless charm -- it's hard to be critical about a film in where a snobby upper class elitist turns sex with a naive young girl into a business transaction when you're really genuinely rooting for her to get her fairytale the entire time. And while all of Vivian's classic lines are officially old enough to rent a car, they're still applicable in all kinds of modern day situations. For example:

  1. When something great happens and you don't know how to react.
    Beuna Vista Entertainment

    When in doubt, curse really loudly.

  2. When you're telling your friends about your favorite TV show.

    Be sure to livetweet it with the hashtag #peedpants.

  3. When your favorite TV show is "Game of Thrones."

    More like "Maim of Thrones," am I right? You know, because everyone's emotionally scarred forever.

  4. When a puppy you just met wants to lick your face and you can't let it do that because you'd totally end up stealing it.

    "I'm sorry, puppy, but if I let you touch me then you are mine now."

  5. When your college calls you up to tell you how much they need your "support."

    I'm already paid you so much money just to be able to tell people I went to college, now you want MORE?

  6. When you find out how literally any business in the adult world works.

    What's that? EVERYTHING is about how much money you have? Oh, good.

  7. When everyone's already got the new iPhone/smartwatch/cool technology thing and you're still stuck with the last model.

    Sorry, you can't borrow a USB charger. Everyone elses' are shaped like forks now.

  8. When you look around your apartment like:

    Isn't the housing market just the best?

  9. When you decide you don't care about being responsible and go buy some new stuff for yourself instead.

    Just pretend Richard Gere is footing the bill. It makes things easier.

  10. When you get in a big fight on Twitter and some strangers insults you out of nowhere.

    You can block the trolls, but can you block the PAIN?

  11. When you get unexpectedly catcalled.

    We might duck our heads and power through, but this is what we're thinking when guys pull that on us.

  12. When somebody notices the eight thousand self-defense tools and tiny bottles of mace you have attached to your keys.
  13. When you're feeling bitter about your latest OkCupid matches.

    A girl can only answer so many of those survey questions before she snaps.

  14. And you keep looking at all of your matches like:

    "Okay, so he got the glove question wrong, but at least he doesn't look like a serial killer?"

  15. When you finally hit it off with someone and then he disappears.

    "I know you read my last text! My terrible old phone's been keeping tabs on you!"

  16. And then so does the next guy.

    Ghosting: the gift that keeps on giving.

  17. And you start getting way more direct.
  18. Prince really knew how to get right to the point, huh.
  19. When you finally decide to make the switch to Tinder.

    Don't front, you're not expecting to meet your soulmate there.

  20. But then Tinder doesn't work out either because none of these dudes know what they're doing.
  21. When you finally give up and watch "Magic Mike" again for like the seventh time...
  22. And start imagining your life together with Channing Tatum.

    "and then he would dance for me up on that tower. Oh, how he would dance."

  23. Oh, and then you FINALLY hear back from that first guy you liked after months.

    "Are you Channing Tatum? No? Goodbye."

  24. When the delivery guy rings your doorbell.

    Of course you're not saying that to HIM -- you're saying it to the carnitas tacos you know he's bringing you.

  25. When your parents start asking you questions about how your life is going

    "So you know how you were married at my age? Well I'VE started eating BANANAS again. So I'm doing pret-ty well for myself."


  26. And then, of course, there's the one that's applicable to any situation: