What’s The Last Text You Got From Your Ex? Watch These People Read Theirs

You're not the only one who has puzzled over a former fling's final breakup message.

Getting dumped by text is one of the rites of passage in the modern dating scene. But the next time you see your relationship go up in flames right there on your phone screen, take solace in the fact that you are not alone.

To prove it, a YouTube comedy group filmed people from New York City reading the final texts they received from former lovers, flings and hookups. In "People Like You Read #FamousLastTexts," the final morsel of communication ranges from the brutally honest ("I'm not going to pretend it's working") to the strangely elliptical ("Did you see the Superbowl?"), but they all have that very specific dead-relationship-walking vibe, reeking of miscommunication and deflection. Squirm along with the participants below:

Some of these seem too good to be true, so MTV News reached out to Eva and Mel, the ladies who made the video, just to be sure. And they told us it was pretty easy to find people with absurd texts from former flames.

"We just asked our friends to come in and share the last text they got from a hook up/S.O./FWB/it's casual/idk what we are/etc," they told us in an email. "We just asked anyone who is dating and who is texting — and that's basically everyone we know."

One of the hardest parts of dating in the digital age is the trail of relationship breadcrumbs that are left behind in messages, emails and photos after a breakup. But, as this video proves, once you've moved on, this doomed love detritus becomes a treasure trove of awkward entertainment for everybody else. You can't blame everything on AutoCorrect.