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Can You Spot The 'Avengers' Cameo In The New 'Daredevil' Teaser?

Keep an eye and ear out for Earth's mightiest heroes!

"This city's really changing." "Not fast enough."

Those are the first words you hear in the new motion poster for "Daredevil," Marvel's upcoming Netflix series debuting next month. But those words come equipped with some very interesting background noise, and equally interesting background images.

Every Marvel fan has wondered about how the grim-and-gritty Netflix show will address its shared place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside the Avengers — and this teaser gives us our first idea. For starters, you can see Avengers Tower looming large in the distance, if you look far past Matt Murdock's left shoulder. See for yourself:

Second, right before Wilson Fisk says the words "not fast enough," at around the three-second mark, you'll hear a noise that should be familiar to any and all "Avengers" fans: Iron Man's repulsor blasts. Sounds like Earth's mightiest heroes are very much visible, or at least hearable, from Hell's Kitchen.

Will we see any of the Avengers themselves popping up in "Daredevil," or is this the extent of their involvement, and the type of thing we can expect? For now, while we focus on the rise of Murdock from justice-seeking attorney to justice-seeking vigilante, it seems like more than enough to just have Earth's mightiest heroes lurking in the background — until Daredevil himself decides to join their cause.

Speaking of Daredevil, take a closer look at Murdock's reflection on the streets. That looks like his costume, however ... it doesn't look like the all-black ninja suit we've seen in previous teasers, does it?

"Daredevil" hits Netflix on April 10.