Joseph Okpako / Getty Images

Move Over, Eminem, Action Bronson Is The New Rap God

Pray to Bronsolino.

When Eminem declared himself "Rap God" on his 2013 single, it was hard to argue. Arguably, no other MC has the verbal dexterity that Slim Shady continually exhibits on song, but on Thursday (Mar. 19), Action Bronson made a move for the godly title.

Bronsolino's new "Mr. Wonderful - The Documentary" is meant to promote his upcoming Mar. 23 major label debut, but it actually has us questioning all that we've ever believed in.

During the course of the three minute and 30 second clip we meet a number of people who pray to Action and hang his glorious image on the walls in their homes. "It's like a religion to dust these pictures," says one Action worshipper about the Bronson pictures that hang in his home.

In another scene, a Latino family gather around the dinner table and say grace, thanking Action for their daily bread.

"He just represents all that is great and kind and good about humanity," another lady adds.