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Jussie Smollett And Yazz Tell Us How ‘Empire’ Won't Stop With The Season Finale

That 'Empire' live tour is 'definitely' happening, says Smollett.

Feeling lost without "Empire?" Join the club. We know it's been less than 24 hours since the bats--t crazy season finale, but we're already feeling terribly lost without our weekly dose of Lyon family drama and #IshCookieSays.

However, there is hope for us yet, "Empire" stans. We can listen to the chart-topping "Empire" soundtrack on repeat until the premiere of season two! That's only, like, six months away.

Speaking to MTV News, "Empire" stars Jussie Smollett and Yazz (née Bryshere Gray) dished on their favorite tracks from the soundtrack, which includes the Timbaland-produced gems "Drip Drop," "You're So Beautiful" and "No Apologies."

"When we sat down, [music producer] Jim Beanz and I had Gabby [Sidibe] on the brain," Smollett said. "I was texting her back and forth, and she said something funny. [Jim and I] were just talking about how dope she is and how she’s confident and sexy and beautiful, but every once in a while, you need to hear the words 'you’re so beautiful.'"

We love knowing that even when the Lyons are dysfunctional AF onscreen, they're all BFFs behind the scenes. In fact, this cast is so close, they're going on tour together.

"We know that an 'Empire' tour is definitely going to happen," Smollett confirmed to MTV News. "That's a definite. We just don't know when because we go back this summer to start season two. So when it does happen, it will probably be next year. The great thing about doing it next year is that we'll have even more music to perform. We'll have music from season two, so it's going to be exciting."


"Being able to perform with [Yazz] and doing our solo songs in front of an audience is just going to be bananas," he added.

When asked if any of season one's flurry of musical guest stars would join them on stage, Yazz replied, "I hope so!"

"If we do a show in New York and if the great Mary J. Blige wanted to come sing some music with us, that would be insanity," Smollett added. "But I also know that these artists are so crazy busy, I doubt they'd come on the full tour with us."


We don't know about you, but we wouldn't mind seeing Smollett and the legendary Patti LaBelle reenact their chilling performance of "Nothing To Lose" from the season finale IRL. And now we're getting chills just thinking about it!

The official "Empire" soundtrack is currently available now. In addition to show stars Smollett, Terrence Howard and Yazz, the #1 soundtrack features songs with Jennifer Hudson and Juicy J, Mary J. Blige, Courtney Love and breakout star V. Bozeman.