This Bikini Car Wash Could Be Sued For False Advertising

On 'Broke A$$ Game Show,' things aren't always as they seem.

Just as any summer day offers buzzing bees or chirping birds, it lines long stretches of public roads with bikini-clad coeds hoping to make a buck by getting your mucked-up car squeaky-clean. But things didn't go as planned for one gentleman who recently pulled into one such car wash and assumed he was getting the Jessica Simpson treatment.

On tonight's "Broke A$$ Game Show," a man named Chris, whose bright-red VW needed a bit of TLC, pulled into a parking lot that promised a half-naked sudsing session only to discover show hosts David Magidoff and Derek Gaines standing among buffing polish and cleaning agent. Chris would get his bikini car wash, they assured the perplexed man, but he'd be the one getting the job done while the beautiful ladies of his dreams watched. And, if he completed the task in less than three minutes, he'd earn a cool c-note.

Oh, and did we mention he'd be wearing a "mankini" all the while? Guess beach body season is officially upon us!

Ready to watch the bikini car wash get flipped on its head? Check out the clip to see how Chris fared, and be sure to tune in to an all new "Broke A$$ Game Show" next Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c!