Burger King Japan

Burger King Gets Us, Creates Whopper-Scented Perfume


Yooo, we're all just out here trying to smell like our favorite things (see: Justin Bieber), but for some of us, that favorite thing is a big, hot steaming burger. There's nothing more beautiful than a pile of meat sandwiched between two buns, and TBH, we'd be down to smell like we hang out in a fast food joint #ALLDAY. Thankfully, Burger King Japan will be creating a meat-scented fragrance called "Flame-Grilled" to celebrate Whopper Day (which is apparently a thing?) on April 1. I know, I know, you're probably thinking this is an April Fool's joke, but judging by their campaign and commercial, we realllly don't think it is.

Burger King Japan

They'll be selling the limited-edition scent for just one day at 5,000 yen ($41!), and it comes with a free Whopper. (Duh. They aren't MONSTERS.) You might remember when BK pulled a similar stunt back in 2008 with the body spray "Flame," which was marketed only to dudes. (Rude.)

We're so glad Japan has opened the meat-market fragrance world to all sexes, and honestly, the perfume bottle ain't half bad. We're totally supportive of anyone swiping up this stuff, but we can't promise that a pack of dogs won't trail you on the way home. Be careful out there, fellow meat lovers. xoxo