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See How Fifth Harmony Make Sweat Stylish On Their ‘Reflection Tour’

5H brings 'flexible' fashion to their nationwide show.

TAMPA, Fla. -- Although Fifth Harmony's pulse might feel just like a sledgehammer, their armpits while performing feel, well, just plain sweaty.

Because, let's face it, with such intense choreography during the fivesome's Reflection Tour (check out the video above to see footage of them in action), the ladies are bound to get a little bit balmy. So when 5H set out to find the cutest concert clothing, they kept their dance moves -- and the perspiration that would transpire -- at the front of their minds.

"It's basically just very comfortable stuff because we're moving around so much that it kind of limits what you're wearing a lot," Camila Cabello told MTV News from the road. "For example, I like to wear long sleeves but I can't because I'm going to sweat my face off, so we're kind of wearing very flexible stuff that allows us to move around."

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But catering to comfort does not mean they had to sacrifice their personal style.

"We're basically wearing, like, black and white, you know, to kind of match," Camila said. It's all catered to each girls' individual style but it's the performance version of our style."

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While some pieces from their look were custom-made especially for them, the other parts were handpicked by the ladies -- with some help from their stylist Bobby.

"He's worked really closely with us, and knows what we like, and what we feel comfortable with, and what we don't," Lauren Jauregui explained. "We're definitely involved in all the decisions that are made style-wise."