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Kylie Jenner Is Open To 'Trying Different Things,' Just Not These Hair Colors

While Kylie Jenner has recently been fond of her naturally dark hair color, in the past she's been known to dabble in other colors, including grey, some blonde, and, of course, teal. While she's obviously down to change her hair color up when the mood strikes, there are at least two colors you'll never see her with.

In an interview with, Kylie reveals she'd "probably never go pink or purple [when it comes to my hair] because blue is my thing." It is ~so~ her thang that two of her characters in "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" have blue hair, even at different lengths. Mermaid 4 lyyyyfe.

Separately, Kylie also told E! that when it comes to bleaching her whole dome platinum, she "would go that far," but wouldn't want to tread on her sister Kim Kardashian's new look. "It's her thing now, so I don't wanna copy her!"

Though she's nixed those looks, Kylie told, "Other than that, I’m extremely open to changing my style and trying different things." Does that mean we can expect something like mint green hair? Here's hoping.