11 Times Disney Taught Us About DILFs

If you don't know Disney, you don't know DILFs.

MILFs may get most of the attention, but DILFs are nothing new. Hot dads have been around for centuries and have popped up in plenty of movies (especially Disney movies) to teach us about life. Whether in animation or in real life, Disney dads have shown that hot dads aren't just eye candy. They're good men who make growing up seem more attractive to everyone.

Maybe Disney realized that DILFs were required for creating "the happiest place on earth" and they've been teaching us about them ever since. Here's what we've learned.

  1. They're natural born leaders.

    Simba's father is always preaching about courage, bravery and the circle of life. Hot dads can be similarly bossy, but it's more endearing that annoying. Leadership is a genuine part of their character. Sure, Mufasa may have had a God complex, but he saves his son from a stampede so it was kind of earned.

  2. They look great shirtless.

    King Triton is not without his flaws. He's controlling, xenophobic towards humans and, you know, half fish. But for everything this silver-fox lacked, he makes up for it by being shirtless and buff constantly. Not all DILFs come shirtless, but when they do it helps.

  3. One of their magic powers is relating to kids.

    Much like Papa Russo on "Wizards of Waverly Place," guys don't even have to be that good of a dad to come off like you have super powers to kids. In real life, women aren't as impressed by "I've got your nose" as they are with a DILF's innate ability to be liked by children. That's the real wizardry.

  4. But being a DILF is enough of a super power on its own.

    In "Frozen," Elsa has all the powers and her dad is just a dad, but stepping up and being a good father is the most powerful thing he can do. Men who nurture and protect their children attracts us on an instinctual level -- even when we're not sure why.

  5. Guys with dogs are even more attractive.

    If you've ever felt more attracted to a guy after seeing him with his dog, then you might be into Roger Dearly types. Owning a dog shows the potential for being a real DILF one day, but without all the baggage of actual kids.

  6. They don't have to be the biological father.

    In "The Jungle Book," Mowgli has not one but two dads, Baloo and Bagheera. Both father figures present opposite personalities, proving that they can be laid back or uptight and everything in between. Caring for someone makes all of those qualities more appealing, as does having the voice of Bill Murray in the upcoming reboot.

  7. They don't always have to be cool.
    Disney Channel

    Despite raising a pretty cool daughter, Lizzie McGuire's dad Sam is always kind of a goober. But what makes him great is what makes all dorky DILFs great — the fact that he doesn't care about being cool. That, combined a misguided sense of style and a few too many dad jokes, makes Sam one of the original hot nerds.

  8. They're not too proud to learn and grow as people.

    Chief Powhatan is forced to watch his daughter Pocahontas fall in love with a man representing the people threatening his entire way of life. In the end, he comes around and does something seemingly impossible for most dads — he changes his mind.

  9. Sometimes a sad story makes us like them even more.
    Disney Channel

    Billy Ray Cyrus plays a widowed father of his real life daughter in "Hannah Montanna." While this had to be weird initially for Tish Cyrus, many Disney origin stories involve a deceased mother. Coming from a place of loss can make women feel like they want to take care of them, without wondering why their last relationship didn't work out.

  10. They are loyal AF.

    Mr. Incredible may have initially lied to his family about his job and even hugged that hot girl Mirage, but he never cheated on his wife. Everyone tells white lies on occasion and so do DILFs. But the real appeal of them is that we can't have them, because they're loyal to the mother of their children.

  11. All DILFs love Disney

    DILFs may not be the high-quality hot dads they are today without Disney, and as we've seen on Instagram, Disney would not be what it is without them. They create the future fans of Disney.