These 7 Foods Are A Must For Your 'Walking Dead' Finale Party

Have some friends for dinner!

If you're planning a viewing party for the "Walking Dead" season finale Sunday, you'll need a menu inspired by the show to keep your guests fed and happy.

And let's just be honest: Cupcakes frosted to look like brains and carrots cut to look like human fingers are, like, sooooo three seasons ago.

Instead, we've taken a look at some of the best meals enjoyed by our heroes over the course of five seasons, and come up with seven easy and delicious foods that'll make you, too, feel like you're surviving in the American south in the wake of the zombie apocalypse!

  1. A giant vat of pudding

    Celebrate Carl’s proudest moment by eating pudding ’til you can’t eat pudding no more. Everybody should get their own vat.

  2. Cheese in a can

    If the label says C-H-E-E-Z, you've got the right stuff. And crackers are for wimps; forget them.

  3. Green lollipops

    Collect 'em, and share them with your friends! WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT.

  4. Applesauce

    Unless you have an applesauce-related emotional trauma in your past, of course. Then you can just skip it.

  5. Hot dogs!

    After all, our heroes enjoyed a meal of hot dog just a few short episodes ago, and it was delicious.

  6. Spaghetti

    Eat it with a generous dollop of homoerotic tension. For maximum authenticity, consider an earthworm appetizer.

  7. Leg o’ Bob

    But since it’s actually considered rather rude to remove a man’s leg and eat it in front of him (gawd, Termites, where are your manners?), you’ll have to pay homage to the grossest dinner on “The Walking Dead” with an ersatz "foot loaf", which thanks to the good folks at Nerdist is a thing that actually exists. Don’t forget the onion toenails.