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'Walking Dead' Fans, Here's Your Chance To Eat Cookies With Carol

You can get your cookie fix by supporting a new documentary called 'Mankiller.'

Would you rather wake up and find yourself tied up to a tree in a forest filled with walkers, or wake up one morning to a nice plate of Carol's cookies? The answer should be clear, and while the walker threat does not exactly apply to our world, the promise of cookies is very, very real.


"The Walking Dead" producer Gale Anne Hurd's Valhalla Entertainment is behind a new Kickstarter campaign for "Mankiller," a documentary about American Indian activist Wilma Mankiller. Among the many reasons to support the Kickstarter (not the least of which is helping put Mankiller's story on the radar of people around the country and world), there are several perks involved for "Walking Dead" fans, including a cookie date with the cookie monster herself, Melissa McBride.

Two spots exist at the $3,000.00 pledge level for cookies and milk with the Carol actress, at a Los Angeles dessert spot at some point next month. If Carol isn't your cup of tea (or glass of milk, as it were), but you're still willing to shell out that kind of scratch for some "Walking Dead" goodness, then you might be interested in a comparable pledge level that can send two people off to a shooting range in Los Angeles with Michael Rooker, who played the late Merle Dixon.

There's a host of other "Walking Dead" rewards in the Kickstarter, ranging from autographed items to opportunities to attend the "Walking Dead" season six premiere in October. Learn more about the "Mankiller" documentary in the video below: