Colin Gray/MTV News

Drip Or Drop? We Put 'Empire' Stars Jussie Smollet And Yazz To The Ultimate Test

Sing it with us: "drip drop drip-drippity drop."

If you're a fan of Fox's "Empire" -- and if you're not, what are you doing with your life?! -- then the phrase "drip drop" is never going to be the same. In fact, from now on the only appropriate response to someone saying "drip drop" is "drip-drippity drop."

So when "Empire" stars Jussie Smollett and Yazz (née Bryshere Gray) stopped by MTV News to promote the "Empire" season one soundtrack -- AKA the soon-to-be no. 1 album in the country -- we had to play a game of Drip or Drop? And if you're not familiar with that game, don't worry. We made it up on the spot, but the end result is freakin' fantastic.

Basically, we gave the fellas a topic, and they could either "drip" it (support it) or "drop" it (say "Bye, Dora"). You can watch the shenanigans unfold below:

Some of those answers would even make Cookie blush!