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Kanye West Says This Is The Official Video For 'All Day'

But what happened to the other version we were expecting?

If you're like us, you've been patiently waiting for Kanye West's "All Day" music video since the moment you heard the track.

Earlier this month, we even got a sneak peek of the video thanks to fans who attended a private screening in Paris. But it looks like we won't be getting that Steve McQueen-directed video after all.

Instead, it looks like the "official" video will actually be the BRIT Awards performance we saw in February; you know, the one that had Taylor Swift turnt. At least that's what Kanye said in a tweet that was posted Monday (March 16).

In February, Kanye also dropped the behind-the-scenes footage of the BRIT Awards performance so we were able to see just how Yeezy preps for a big show.

And we even got a chance to meet all of the U.K. MCs who mobbed with 'Ye at the event.

But still, this has to make you wonder what happened to that McQueen-directed version of "All Day." Hopefully we get to see it soon.

For now, we're still waiting on So Help Me God. But after Kendrick Lamar and Drake dropped their projects as surprise releases, we might just be getting Yeezy's latest at any moment. Right?