Getty Images | Mat Hayward

Meghan Trainor Fell On Stage And Lived To Talk About It

'No one told me that there was a fat hole between the speaker and the stage,' she laughed.

In Meghan Trainor's new "Dear Future Husband" music video, potential suitors take the 21-year-old on a series of dates that end in epic failure. From a disastrous dinner to a barf-worthy boat ride, Meghan experienced the full gamut of strike outs.

And although she's pointing the finger at all of these duds dudes in the vid, it turns out Meghan has had a few slip-ups herself. Including that one time she fell in a crack while performing on stage at a San Fransisco show.

"No one told me that there was a fat hole between the speaker and the stage," she said to MTV News' guest correspondent Liza Koshy at the Dallas stop on her That Bass Tour.

While the moment was caught on tape and can be found on her Instagram, Meghan says there's one thing you don't see in that footage.

“I got stuck there for a good 6 seconds," Meghan laughed. “So I’m singing ‘Close Your Eyes’ and I’m like get me out of here.”

When not manning our mic, Liza was hanging out with the Megatronz, creating a behind the scenes video diary for HP. During her time with Meghan's fans, the Vine star learned the ins and outs of being in this fan army -- an aspect of stardom Meghan is still adjusting to.

“It’s crazy because I was never like a die-hard fan for any pop star,” she said. “I’ve only been to like five concerts, so I never was the girl that made shirts or made signs.”