This Guy Got 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' Chest Hair Treatment

'Ahhh, Kelly Clarkson!'

Even though Steve Carell's memorable chest-waxing scene from "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" is 10 years old, the iconic film moment is serving as the inspiration behind the latest "Broke A$$ Game Show" mission.

In the sneak peek below, hosts David Magidoff and Derek Gaines find a guy named Josh who is willing to lose some hair -- via a "mobile waxing unit" -- for $100. The setup: The funny guys place a patch of hot wax between J's pecs and then attach the gooey strip to a cord that's connected to a remote-control vehicle. Rev up that little engine, and get ready to cringe!

Does Josh scream out "Kelly Clarkson" during the undoubtedly painful moment just like Carell did in the comedy? Watch the clip to find out, and be sure to catch a new episode of “Broke A$$ Game Show” on Thursday at 1030/930c on MTV!