Bjork Stitches Up Her Pain -- And Ours -- In 'Family'

Trip out on this.

Have you ever listened to one of those meditation tapes? The ones that ask you to imagine some ideal, special place in which you can heal your mind and whatnot? Well, Björk has basically created one of those deals in the form of her new moving album cover, "Family," off of Vulnicura.

First off, the song itself is a heartbreaking one -- all about the dissolution of a family, likely after a divorce. The song is probably about her breakup from artist Matthew Barney, a relationship that reverberates throughout the record.

"When I did this album -- it all just collapsed," Björk told Pitchfork. "I didn’t have anything. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced in my life." To turn her emotions to music, the singer said she went "old-school" -- more singer-songwriter than anything else.

"I was sort of going into the Bergman movies with Liv Ullmann when it gets really self-pitying and psychological, where you’re kind of performing surgery on yourself, like, 'What went wrong?'" she added.

That theme of self-surgery feeds directly into "Family," an out-there-yet-soothing visual (from which she copped her album cover) in which Björk emerges from some kind of cocoon and stitches herself up -- literally.

It's eerie. It's lovely. It basically personifies and encapsulates what it's like to pull yourself together in the midst of pain. It's the perfect thing to switch on the next time you need to switch off your worries and problems and pull yourself together again.

Say it with me now: Ommmmmmm...