Wizard World Comic Con

'Doctor Who' Star David Tennant Helped Ask A Girl Out In The Coolest Way Possible

See, this right here is why he's MY doctor.

Your doctor might be Eleven or Nine or even Seven (what? He had such a nice sweater) -- but no matter which Time Lord is your favorite, you've got to admit that Ten is pretty dang smooth with the ladies. That's probably why when actor David Tennant was at Wizard World Comic Con in Raleigh, North Carolina this weekend, a young fan came to his Q&A panel and requested that he use his unique talents... to help him ask out a girl on a date.

"Margaret, this is David Tennant," he says in a video that the girl later uploaded to her personal Tumblr page. "Can I give you some advice? You need to go out with this guy. I think you'll be very happy together."

Asking someone out in public while hundreds of people are watching can be a bit of a gamble, but if Maggie's reaction online is any indication, she's VERY excited to be officially dating her new plastic-goatee-wearing beau.

Now they just have to stay together long enough to take David up on his offer to attend the wedding!

Other things that David talked about at Wizard World Raleigh: how being in a TV show he loved as a kid mades it pretty hard to be a fan for a while.

"In some ways it changes how you are. You can never be a fan in the same way again because you're looking at your own ugly mug," he said. David Tennant, these jokes you make about your face are lies and you know it.

He also told the crowd that the hardest companion of all to say goodbye to was totally Wilfred ("It was his fault, frankly"), and that Rose and Ten are TOTALLY CANON, OKAY:

"[Rose] was a girlfriend, really. I know we don't say it but she sort of was," he told fans. Excuse us. We need a gif session for these feelings.