Gigi Hadid Won't Stand’ For ‘Insane’ Reports She Was Doing Drugs

Cody Simpson's GF is not having it.

Gigi Hadid will "not stand" for ridiculous rumors. The model took to Twitter over the weekend to slam the gossip blog Ocean Up for claiming that she was doing drugs at a Victoria's Secret Pink Spring Break event in Miami.

The blog posted a video reportedly from Gigi's boyfriend Cody Simpson's Snapchat, which showed her dancing and allegedly leaning down over a table to use cocaine. The model was hosting the event while her pop star BF performed.

Gigi went on to tweet that there was "nothing on the counter" and that their report is not only "impossible" but "insane."

Hadid also made it clear that not only would she not do drugs, but she would have been "an idiot" to do it at a work event.

Kendall Jenner's bestie then went on to say that she takes "pride" in being a role model and will not "put up with a little piece of scum blog."