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There's A New Baby Jenner On The Way

Brandon and Leah Jenner announced that they're expecting.

Lest you think that Kardashian-Jenner reign will ever, in fact, let up, Brandon and Leah Jenner just announced that they're expecting a baby.

"Well, it's time we share the good news," Leah wrote on Instagram Sunday (Mar. 15). "We're having a baby."

I wonder how this li'l bb Jenner will make their mark on the world? I mean, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" won't last forever -- Season 10 premieres tonight, FYI -- so it makes sense that the family members have been diversifying their various areas of expertise.

Kendall's a model and Kylie's Instagram royalty, so that leaves...foliage enthusiast? North West's wing wo/man? That one coworker who's always being sooooooooo random?

Don't worry, baby. You've got time.