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Schoolboy Q Was Principal For A Day: We'd Love For These Rappers To Follow His Lead

Eminem, Kanye, Jay Z? Principals have never been cooler.

Putting the school in Schoolboy Q, the TDE MC recently acted as "Principal for a Day" at Maritime Industries Academy High School in Baltimore. Thanks to Get Schooled, Groovy Q played basketball with student-athletes and took a selfie with the student body.

He isn't the first rapper to do this. Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean and others have done the same. But Q's move got us thinking about other rappers we'd love to see take on the job. So, here's a look at some of the MCs we'd love to follow in Schoolboy's footsteps.

  1. Kanye West
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    Kanye West, who recently lectured at Oxford University, was already likened to a principal by Lorde. The son of a teacher, who's set to get his honorary degree soon, would likely make for a great leader, right?

  2. Eminem
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    Eminem is the father of a recent high school grad, so he knows what schools need from a dad's perspective.

  3. Jay Z
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    El Presidente Hov would make a great principal. After all, he's already the leader of the school of hard knocks.

  4. Drake
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    Drake loves the kids. After donating money to Meek Mill's old high school, it would be fitting that the son of a former teacher act as principal for a day, too.

  5. RZA
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    Because Wu-Tang Clan is for the children. Word to ODB.

  6. Common
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    Common is already known for being an amazing and inspiring speaker. I mean, did you not see his emotional Golden Globe acceptance speech? Yeah, he'd be an awesome principal.

  7. Dee-1
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    Dee-1, a former teacher, could probably be a principal IRL.

  8. KRS-One
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    Wouldn't it make sense for The Teacha to become The Principal?

  9. 50 Cent
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    50 Cent may be known for an aggressive rhyme style, but he's already been involved in a "Dream School." Plus, he's the G-Unit general, which means he knows a thing or two about leading.

  10. Andre 3000

    We already know Andre 3 Stacks is a great actor. Why not let him act as Principal for a Day?

  11. Lil B
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    This might seem unconventional, but don't doubt Lil B too much. I mean, he's already lectured at MIT and Carnegie Mellon.