Jumping On A Trampoline While Wearing An Egg-Filled Helmet Is Just As Unpleasant As It Sounds

But on 'Broke A$$ Game Show,' it can win you serious cash.

The old adage states that money doesn't grow on trees -- but "Broke A$$ Game Show" is proving this popular phrase otherwise. Don't run to your nearby park with dreams of becoming a millionaire, though -- at least, not until we set the scene.

During last night's episode of the MTV series, hosts David Magidoff and Derek Gaines separately approached two innocent New Yorkers and said that they could find $50 dangling in a nearby tree -- if they were willing to jump on a trampoline to snatch it. But there was a slight crack (no pun intended) in their explanation: The contestants would need to don a clear helmet filled with raw eggs. This isn't a yoke, folks.

"The eggs are all over my face," one player, covered in an egg-sellent mess, exclaimed afterward.

So was the duo able to scramble and grab the cash, or did they walk away empty-handed? Watch the highly entertaining clip to find out, and be sure to catch a new episode of "BAGS" on Thursday at 1030/930c!