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Liam Neeson Tells Us All About His Shocking [SPOILER] Scene In 'Run All Night'

We need to talk about THAT scene in 'Run All Night.'

Warning: Major "Run All Night" spoilers lie ahead!

Liam Neeson is indestructible. It's one of life's greatest universal truths. Or at least that's what we thought until we saw "Run All Night."

In Jaume Collet-Serra's shoot-'em-up thriller, the incomparable Mr. Neeson actually gets taken out (!) -- by Common, no less -- and it's a crushing blow to humanity. Okay, so maybe its his character Jimmy Conlon who dies a harrowing death and not Neeson himself, but STILL. We aren't used to seeing our boy go down like that.

Speaking to MTV News at a press day for "Run All Night," Neeson opened up about filming the film's emotional, climatic scene. As it turns out, dying onscreen is harder than it looks.

"They're hard to do, aren't they?" the 62-year-old actor said. "You're trying to keep your eyes open and stuff... and slide down a tree. You start to think of all the death scenes you've seen in the movies and try to emulate it in some way and do something different. At the end of day, you're just trying to keep your eyes open and not flicker."

Don't worry, Neeson. You did a beautiful job. But, you know, next time you should probably stay alive.

"Run All Night" is currently in theaters.