Ron Galella

That Madonna And Tupac Romance? Rosie Perez 'Hooked That Up'

'I was very happy about it,' says actress.

Millions of people were surprised to learn that Madonna once dated Tupac Shakur—except Rosie Perez, that is.

The “Do The Right Thing” actress told the story of how she set the Rebel Heart singer up with her All Eyez On Me rapper friend at the 1993 Soul Train Awards on “The View” Thursday (Mar. 12).

“I went to the Soul Train Music Awards…and then Madonna comes over and looks at me and she goes, ‘Girl,’” Perez said. “I go, ‘I got you.’ And he (Tupac) was like, and I said, ‘She wants to meet you,’ and he goes, ‘Hook that up.’ And I hooked it up and I was very happy about it.”

Madonna revealed to Howard Stern yesterday that she was feeling “very gangster” during her infamous f-bomb appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman” in 1994 thanks to ‘Pac, but on the night they were introduced, there were a few other ladies that felt the same way.

“When we get to the Soul Train Music Awards, every female artist there was on my sh-t,” Perez said. “And they kept going, ‘Hi, Rosie, Hi, Hi.’ Never spoke to me before. And there was two girls, they will remain nameless, who wanted to beat me up. And I was telling Tupac, 'Would you tell them I ain't sleeping with you? We just friends.' And he goes, 'You can take 'em.'"

But why was Perez Tupac's designated wing man, you ask?

“He (Tupac) was my date because this other guy stood me up,” Perez said. “Tupac called me up and said, 'Why you crying?' I said, 'Cause this man dissed me.' He was like, 'Forget that, I’m on my way.’ So we went and we were friends--he’s a sweetheart, very intelligent man and I miss him dearly, and a senseless death."