Netflix Stars Share Their Rules For Binge-Watching

If we could step inside the screen, we would.

Netflix stars: they're just like us! Meaning, they binge on Netflix hard. They've experienced the shame of their TVs asking if they're still watching (just because I haven't pushed a button in hours doesn't mean I'm done watching), and they too have wrestled with whether to take a bathroom break or just watch one more episode.

"You just gotta go with the flow," Aziz Ansari, whose stand-up special is live on Netflix now, advised MTV News.

Uzo Aduba of "Orange is the New Black" felt otherwise, plotting an intricate path of televisions throughout her house to keep her viewing experience going.

For "Between" star Jennette McCurdy, solitude is key: "I like to have my dog next to me in a blanket and I don't like any other people there."

Check out more Netflix stars' binge-watching tips in the video above.