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Woah…One Direction’s Singapore Concert Broke A Huge Record

At their first-ever Singapore concert, the boys set a huge social media record previously held by Taylor Swift.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that you should never, ever, ever underestimate the sheer power and enthusiasm of Directioners.

Last night, One Direction fans managed to break yet another social media record by making the boys’ Singapore concert the country’s most tweeted-about event OF ALL TIME.


The boys are currently on the Asian leg of their On The Road Again Tour. They recently wrapped up gigs in Osaka and Tokyo, and headed to Singapore on Wednesday (March 11) for the first time ever.

Understandably, Singaporean fans were *thirsty* after waiting so long for the guys to finally visit their country, and they clearly wanted the world to share in their elation and experience the FOMO. Hey, we would all do the same thing!

The show at National Stadium was attended by more than 30,000 fans and raked in more than 100,000 tweets from fans at the concert and in the region. Twitter confirmed today that tweets peaked around 11:30 p.m., with more than 400 tweets per minute. The hashtag #OTRASG (On The Road Again Singapore) also topped the trending charts on Twitter.


The Singapore-based event that previously held the record was Taylor Swift’s RED Tour concert in June 2014, which brought in an impressive 73,000 tweets.

Singaporean fans weren’t the only ones to tweet their enthusiasm— even Harry Styles and Niall Horan couldn’t contain their excitement in the hours leading up to the show.

Fans reportedly showed us as early as 4 a.m. for that night’s gig, despite an earlier directive to not line up until 11 a.m. A bunch of fans who couldn’t get tickets also camped out outside the stadium to try to listen to the show from outside of the gates.

We’re definitely super thankful that Singaporean Directioners shared the love on Twitter during the show, because they alerted us to must-see moments like these:

Harry Styles tripping over a bra and then punting it into the crowd.

Zayn Malik chanting “Singapore” over and over again.

Liam Payne wiping a tear off of Niall Horan’s face as they sang “Little Things” — which Niall then confirmed was actually sweat (but a girl can dream).

Overall, it sounds like it was pretty epic concert, and Liam agrees!