Arya Stark Got A Makeover For This Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ And So Can You

Ideas for your season 5 premiere party!

In their latest "Game of Thrones"-themed issue, Entertainment Weekly introduced us to someone we haven't seen since the very first season of the show: Arya Stark in a dress. Yup, everybody's favorite little emotionally damaged murder-child is making a new life for herself far away from the land where all of her family members were slaughtered pretty much right in front of her. To do that, she's abandoned her dirty pants for some new duds. Like, really new. Seriously, girl looks like she raided a Free People.

Entertainment Weekly

This is the first time we've ever seen a "Game of Thrones" character with an outfit you actually might be able to wear in the real world without anyone thinking you're late for Ren Faire, so to commemorate the occasion, we tried to put the look together ourselves. Interested in getting some fashion tips from the littlest lady Stark? Figure out how to pull up your hair into two braided buns and let's get started!

  1. The Blouse
    Forever 21

    We couldn't find anything with that same string closure Arya has on, but this gauzy tunic from Forever 21 is a pretty close approximation. Be sure to wear a dark colored bra underneath just like Maisie Williams is doing in that picture.

  2. The Skirt
    Urban Outfitters

    I am so, so happy that maxi skirts exist in Essos. This pleated one from Urban Oufitters is just a little darker than Arya's, but you can still twirl in it.

  3. The Shrug

    Arya's actually wearing what looks like a decoupaged bullfighter bolero with extra sleeve parts. It's pretty great but also the most difficult piece of her outfit to buy off the rack. The closest I could find was this custom crocheted shrug by a seller on Shoply.

  4. The Hip Scarf
    Martha Stewart Living

    You'll be wearing this around your hips. Also, you have to make it yourself using these instructions from Martha Stewart Living, but listen, that is but a small price to pay for fashion.

  5. The Hip Pack
    Nasty Gal

    Never did I think I would want one of these for myself, but this fanny pack by Nasty Gal is actually pretty awesome? Also, I don't think they have backpacks in Braavos, so it's probably more useful.

  6. The Gloves

    These Calvin Klein gloves are the most expensive part of the outfit. Go figure.

  7. The Shoes
    Forever 21

    Ok, so you can't see Arya's footwear in the image from Entertainment Weekly, so this took a little guess work. These Forever 21 boots would work pretty well with this outfit, right?

And there you have it, an outfit fit to follow in Jaqen H’ghar’s footsteps on the streets of Braavos! A man would be so proud.