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'Cinderella': 7 Burning Questions For The Fairytale Of Your Dreams

Are Fairy Godmothers real?

At this point, if you're reading this, then you've probably already seen the Kenneth Branagh-directed, Lily James-starrer "Cinderella." And, if you're like us, you have approximately eight zillion burning questions about the movie that will haunt you until you die. (Seriously, it's like "Inception" all over again up in here.)

After careful deliberation, we've narrowed our burning questions down to just seven. Let us know what you think in the comments. We shant be sleeping until we find out:

  1. What happened to Lady Tremaine?

    Did the Evil Stepmother ever find herself a damn job, and learn to stop relying on men for all of her wealth and happiness? No?

  2. Did the Fairy Godmother find a new charge?

    Obviously, Cinderella didn't need her anymore. Did she find a new poor in wealth, but rich in spirit young woman to spoil?

  3. How were those shoes so comfy-womfy?

    I call BS on glass high-heeled pumps being remotely tolerable, yet alone comfortable.

  4. Did Prince Kit remain faithful?

    Call us jaded due to the "Into the Woods" version of the "Cinderella" story, but we don't trust Prince Charmings as far as we can throw them. Which is not very far.

  5. Was the palace staff totally cool with just letting mice move in?

    I wouldn't be!

  6. Was that Princess who was set up with Kit at the ball hella frosty after he blew her off?

    I would be! She traveled from a far-off land and everything!

  7. Is "True Love" even real?

    Like, on a metaphysical level. I watched the entire movie, but I'm still not quite convinced. Convince me, universe.