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Here's What We Know About Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly

We're counting the days and gathering the info.

It's been well over two years since Kendrick Lamar blessed music fans everywhere with his classic major label debut, good kid, m.A.A.d city, and almost immediately after he released it, diehards began to speculate where the Compton MC would go next.

All of the speculation will be over shortly, after K. Dot releases his gkmc follow-up, but as the LP's release date gets closer, we will surely be piecing together small tidbits of information trying to get a clear picture.

There's still plenty that we don't know about Kendrick's next album, but here's what we do know.

  • It's Called To Pimp A Butterfly
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    Kendrick tells Rolling Stone that he believes his album title will live forever and the phrase will be taught in college courses. It just sounds deep.

  • And The Cover Is Pretty Badass

    From Compton to the capitol.

  • It Comes Out March 23
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    We already got our pre-orders paid for and our calendars marked.

  • And There Are 16 Tracks

    Lots of tracks, not many song titles.

  • We're Pretty Sure "i" Is On It

    According to a tracklist published on Hiphop-n-More, "i" will be featured on the album, though it's strange that the song doesn't appear when you pre-order TPAB on iTunes.

  • And There's A Companion Song Called 'u'
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    Dot told Rolling Stone that he has a song that sort of complements "i," it's titled "u." Makes sense that he would include both on the LP, right?

  • "The Blacker The Berry"

    Kendrick is the self-proclaimed biggest hypocrite of 2015 and if Butterfly has more songs like these, then he may also be the best rapper of 2015 too.

  • "King Kunta" Is So Unapologetically Black

    Scott Vener, the music supervisor for HBO’s “Entourage,” got a chance to hear "King Kunta" and he raved about it. Vener says Pharrell described the track as "unapologetically black."

  • Kendrick Was Influenced By A Trip To South Africa
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    According to Rolling Stone's new Kendrick cover story, there's a song on the album called “Mortal Man,” which was inspired by a trip the rapper took to South Africa last year.

  • But We Don't Know If That Song He Peformed On "The Colbert Report" Is On It

    Remember that untitled track that Dot performed on "The Colbert Report" late last year? The one that everyone loved? We hope it's on the album, but we're not sure yet.

  • Legendary Hip-Hop Producer Pete Rock Is On It
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    Pete Rock says he's on a song with George Clinton and Anna Wise. We say, "Let us hear it, Pete."

  • And Sounwave Produced On It

    Because what's a Kendrick album without Sounwave beats? Section.80's "The Spiteful Chant" is still my favorite.

  • And We'd Bet The House That MixedByAli Mixed It

    Because who the hell else is is going to mix a Kendrick album?

  • All Of This Sounds Great, And That's Why TDE CEO Top Dawg Is Aiming For Platinum In One Week

    Well I pre-ordered one; so there's only 999,999 more copies to go.