Your Dream Of Being Cinderella At Prom Is Now Totally Possible

If you're a self-proclaimed Disney addict (no shame!), you're well aware that the live-action Cinderella movie hits theaters tomorrow (and yes, it's really, really good). For us fashion freaks, though, perhaps the most exciting thing about seeing Cinderella IRL–other than her glass slippers–is DAT. DRESS. Lucky for us, someone recreated it just in time for prom. Seriously.


The off-the-shoulder light blue gown–which is a dead ringer for the original–features butterfly accents, a two-toned layered tulle skirt covered in sequins and a waist-cinching corset. For $495, this dress doesn't come cheap, but dudes, YOU'LL LOOK LIKE CINDERELLA. So, yeah. Suck it, bank account.

The best part? Lily James, the actual Cinderella, has some tips for navigating around in this ensemble: allow ample time to use the bathroom; don't plan on getting within a few feet of anyone around you all night; and don't eat anything other than soup. What? Being a princess ain't easy.


So, this could be you, people. Here's hoping you can convince your date to wear an old-timey suit and get away with carrying a weapon into a school because, hey, it's the fairytale dream, amirite?