'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Is Back: 11 Things We Need To See This Season

'KUWTK' kicks off Sunday (March 15) with babies, breakups and blonde moments -- fingers crossed.

Can you believe that we've been "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" for 10 seasons? I can't either but, nevertheless, I'll be watching when the E! show returns on Sunday (March 15) for another drama-filled season (and probably several scenes featuring a naked Kim Kardashian).

A lot has happened since the last season of “KUWTK,” which left off with Kim and Kanye's fairytale wedding: babies were born, relationships began and ended, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner became two of the most talked-about teens in the tabloids. But how much of the emotional turmoil and headline-grabbing stories will play out onscreen?

We don't know, but we can dream! We somehow narrowed it down to a list of the 11 things we need to see:

  1. The Day Kim Broke The Internet

    We know we'll see Kim naked on the show -- it's in this teaser clip -- but what we want to see is the behind the scenes of Kim posing for the infamous, Internet-breaking shoot for Paper magazine, draped in pearls and popping champagne. Also, we want to finally see how they pulled that cover shot off.

  2. Khloe And French Break Up To Make Up
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    We saw glimpses of their relationship on the "Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons" spin-off but what's really been going down between Khloe and French? In a teaser clip, Khloe says the rapper took back the birthday present he gave her -- a white Jeep -- and she apparently kicked him out of her house. And while it appears the two patched things up with their recent Florida getaway we're curious about the serious relationship drama.

  3. Let It Reign

    It's been three months since Kourtney gave birth to her third child, Reign Aston Disick, and we have yet to see this baby boy's adorable face! Will Kourtney invite cameras into the delivery room? Did Scott "Lord" Disick freak out at the birth? Where were Penelope and Mason? We need answers.

  4. Kendall Jenner Takes Over The Fashion World

    Kris Jenner said it best in the teaser with her prediction months ago that Kendall's "whole world was going to change," and it did. The teen has become fashion's "it" girl, walking every high-profile runway show from New York to Paris, and we want a backstage pass.

  5. Where's Rob?
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    It hasn't been easy for Rob Kardashian, who has struggled with his weight for the past few seasons and opted to skip Kimye's wedding because he "didn't feel comfortable" with his appearance. He's been out of the spotlight for a while, popping up randomly on social media to shout out his haters, saying, "Yes, I'm fat now." We hope Rob's feeling more confident because we miss his hysterical banter with big sis Khloe.

  6. Kylie And Tyga: Besties Or BFFs?
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    Can these two just confirm once and for all whether they're dating? One day Tyga says they aren't, the next he's posting photos of her on Instagram with gushing captions like “Your beauty never goes unnoticed." They may have been keeping mum because of the public debate about their age difference -- she's 17, he's 25 -- but we want to know if Kanye was serious when he told a radio show that Tyga "got in early."

  7. There's No Crying In Fashion
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    Well, if you're not even 2 years old and your name is North West, then you definitely get a pass. I'm dying to see the oh-so-adorable-yet-tragic fashion moment that brought the toddler to tears during her dad's Adidas show. (Also, I really hope we get an inside look at Kanye's design process for his line.)

  8. Mama's Got A Brand-New Man

    Kris the kougar! The momager has a new man, Corey Gamble, who works for Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun. The 34-year-old happens to be younger than both Kim and Kourtney, but he must be keeping Kris happy since the Kardashian sisters confessed in the preview that they "heard moaning" from their 59-year-old mother's bedroom. TMI.

  9. The Secret To Kylie's Lips

    Let's face it, we've all attempted it and, if you're like me, then you failed to get perfectly plump lips like Kylie. Kim insisted it's all about the lip liner, but fans need a step-by-step tutorial.

  10. Silence The Haters

    There's been a lot of gossip surrounding Bruce Jenner lately, and MTV News has opted not to write about the rumors of his transition since the reality TV dad has neither confirmed nor denied them, and quite frankly, because it's not our story to tell -- it's his. No word on whether Bruce will open up this season, but we do know Kim and Khloe raise concerns about his relationship with Kris' BFF, who Bruce was rumored to be dating. Honestly, we just hope to see him happy, healthy and taking time to be with his family.

  11. Do Blondes Have More Fun?

    Kim nearly broke the Internet again when she decided to trade her signature hairstyle for a platinum-blonde look. While she said she was inspired by Madonna, I would love to listen in on the conversation she and Kanye inevitably had about her becoming a blonde bombshell. Hopefully, cameras followed her to the hair salon and caught her first reaction to the drastic change.