7 Cast Members Who Left 'The Real World' With A DGAF Attitude

And yes, that is a bb CT during his Parisian days.

Through 30 "Real World" seasons, we've come to learn that the unique environment isn't for everyone who chooses to get real and partake in the unforgettable MTV experience.

During this week's finale episode, Bruno had enough of his "skeleton"-infused time in Chicago -- and with the exception of fellow Wolfpack member Nicole, the outspoken Rhode Island native chose to not hug or kiss any of his roommates goodbye.

But Bru was hardly the first roomie who was totally okay saying too-da-loo to their televised tenure. In honor of Throwback Thursday, here's a look back at seven other casties (excluding those who were voted out) who had a DGAF attitude while leaving "The RW":

  1. Irene from "Real World: Seattle"

    The zany New Yorker's premature exit was soured because of the "slap heard 'round the world" at the hands of her roommate Stephen. However, there was no denying her distaste for the once-in-a-lifetime adventure and her readiness to bid farewell to just about everything in the Emerald City.

  2. Tonya from "Real World: Chicago"

    Who could forget that song about kidney stones and Walla Walla Washington? But the catchy tune aside, the dramatic blond didn't form any close bonds with her Windy City roommates -- and she was raring and ready to get back to her then-beau Justin on the last day.

  3. Frankie from "Real World: San Diego"

    As much as the punk rocker tried, she couldn't see eye-to-eye with her fellow SoCal transplants. Plus, she was extremely homesick, and being separated from her boyfriend proved to be too difficult. She memorably said adieu to everyone on Halloween -- in a costume, no less.

  4. CT from "Real World: Paris"

    Right before saying au revoir to the City of Lights, the notorious "Challenge" competitor got into it with Leah -- and the spat caused him to stay at home on the roommates' last night abroad. Even though he was able to make peace with everyone during the final hours and embraced his "RW" buddies before going to the airport, CT was definitely okay with heading home to Beantown.

  5. Greg from "Real World: Hollywood"

    The aspiring model didn't take his job at the improv club seriously, and his poor attitude cost him: He was forced to leave when he failed to show up to the gig multiple times. But the prankster didn't seem too phased by his boss' decision and promptly moved out with basically no reaction to the entire ordeal.

  6. Adam from "Real World: Las Vegas"

    The former bad boy was unable to keep his behavior in check when he was drinking, and his destructive behavior got him evicted from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino after two stern warnings. Nany, for one, seemed rattled by his sudden Sin City departure -- unlike Adam himself.

  7. Joi from "Real World: Portland"

    The Playboy playmate couldn't hide her disappointment about job prospects, and she decided to return home during the early days in Oregon. However, she later revealed at the reunion that her main motivation was the fact that her boyfriend had undergone surgery -- and she wanted to be by his side as he recuperated.