Twitter: @baddiewinkle

21 Baddie Winkle Photos That Prove Party Girls Never Grow Up

Age is just a state of mine and her state of mind is awesome.

Being a party girl is almost the female equivalent of being Peter Pan — we worry that if we grow up, we'll die. Enter great grandmother and social media sensation, Baddie Winkle, to prove us wrong in the best possible way. With nearly a millions combined followers on Twitter and Instagram, this 86-year-old inspiration boasts about a life that would make anyone in their 20s jealous. Whether she's twerking in tie-dye or telling us not to "Drake and drive," Baddie is a lady that knows how to live. Here is how she makes growing older look like a party... as it should be.

  1. No pants, no problem
  2. Besties
  3. Respect
  4. When she can't see the haters
  5. Have a Bey day
  6. Burrito bandit
  7. She knows what basic means
  8. And DMs...
  9. A taste of culture
  10. A toast to wealth
  11. Crown jewel
  12. Lone wolf
  13. All in a days twerk
  14. You look how I feel
  15. No judgement, no comment
  16. "Don't Drake and drive"
  17. Ho ho ho
  18. Yeezus this tastes good
  19. Tip toeing
  20. Booty is booty
  21. We all are, Baddie. We all are.