These 'Challenge' Contestants Saw Their Games Come Crashing Down...At The Very Last Second

Wes and Theresa were groomed for the top spot but fell to pieces instead.

For every athlete who delivers a clutch performance, there's another who has to choke. And on Tuesday night's "Battle of the Exes 2" episode, a top-tier team that could have won the big money found itself on an eleventh-hour plane ride home instead.

Wes and Theresa, who'd been leading the pack on and off the battlefield, got the (unwelcome) surprise of their lives when nemeses Johnny Bananas and Nany returned to the game as the "EX-iled" tournament's winners, and Team Green proceeded to rally the entire house against Team Grey to secure it a spot in the coming elimination round. Wes and Theresa did their best against Leroy and Nia in The Dome, but they couldn't compensate for the teams' glaring size disparity in "Hall Brawl" and were bumped off.

"Talk about being knocked off the throne," Sarah said after TJ slipped the losers their pink slips. "Wes and Theresa had it all. They were going into the final -- they were running things!"

When we considered the long fall from grace, though, we realized it was a familiar one. Look back at a series of competitors who couldn't keep their good games from falling apart, and catch the next "Battle of the Exes 2" episode next Wednesday at 10/9c!

    Landon, "Duel II"
    Landon was, unarguably, the strongest guy in the house and independently won half of the show's missions. But even he couldn't contend with the last-minute attempt by Brad, Mark and Evan to oust him -- and watched the final he'd rightfully earned slip out of his hands. Derrick, "Gauntlet 2"
    The unlikely captain of the veteran team routinely took on Titans in the elimination round and sent each of 'em home. That is, until he faced Timmy in a reverse tug-of-war, and what could have been a real Cinderella story devolved into a stepsister's tale instead. Aneesa, "The Duel"
    Though Aneesa has yet to win a game, she's a verifiable assassin in elimination rounds, and the case was no different on "The Duel," in which she took out Paula, Robin and Diem without breaking a sweat. Sadly, in the very final elimination round against good pal Svetlana, Aneesa couldn't finish what she'd started and missed out on the big money by a hair. Darrell, "The Ruins"
    One of the most dominant players to have played the game, Darrell won each of the first four games in which he competed, and it looked like the trend would continue on "The Ruins." Unfortunately, Darrell took Brad's provocative bait to fight, and, upon being DQ'd, he was forced to watch the tens of thousands of dollars he'd earned across the season turn into sand. Brad, "Battle of the Sexes 2" Brad really impressed as a rookie in the game and led his team to victory four times as Team Captain. Still, he couldn't win when the game's more veteran players banded together, and in the last elimination ceremony, Brad was forced to watch his less successful teammates take on the final mission without him. Theresa, "Free Agents"
    An unfortunate last-minute trip to The Draw proved to be Theresa's undoing in a game that she'd otherwise played solidly, and though she'd taken out previous champion Camila en route to the game's end, she just couldn't best Laurel, who went on to win the whole game. CT and Adam, "Rivals"
    As far as the cast was concerned, a barrage of nuclear weapons couldn't have stopped CT and Adam from walking away from the game as the men's champions. But they lost their footing against Johnny and Tyler in "T-Bone," and the slip-up cost them a game that they seemed guaranteed to win.