'Taken' No More: Liam Neeson Says No More Action Movies

He's done with action in two years, so there's only so much time to get these seven movies off the ground!

It's over when he says it's over — and apparently, it's almost over.

Liam Neeson says his unlikely turn as an action star has an expiration date, and it's closer than many fans are probably expecting. "Maybe two more years. If God spares me and I'm healthy," the "Run All Night" star tells The Guardian. "But after that, I'll stop [the action] I think."

Fair enough, given that Neeson will be pushing 65 in two years from now. We can accept the decision, but we don't have to like it! At the very least, we don't have to let Neeson off the hook just yet. Before he retires from the action genre, he needs to make these movies happen:

  1. "50 Shades of The Grey"

    Whip those wolves!

  2. "T4ken: The Final Takening"

    Could also be titled, "Taken in Space!"

  3. "Non-Start"

    Neeson boards an airplane that refuses to take off from the runway. Travel-related stress ensues.

  4. "The B-Team"

    Hannibal Smith's whole team expires, and he's forced to assemble the scraps. He loves it when a back-up plan comes together.

  5. "Unknown: I Forgot Again"

    That memory problem is a serious issue!

  6. Knee Son

    Liam Neeson stars as himself, taking revenge against his agent, manager, and other assorted Hollywood officials for putting him on the action hero path for so long — by kicking them all in the knees.

  7. "Kraken"

    Except "Kraken" rhymes with "Taken," because this is another "Taken" sequel.