Vine (@あーや)

These Owls From Vine Are The Only Owls That Matter TBH


MTV's Senior Sloth Editor Rachel Paoletta just sent me a link to a Vine account that's filled with nothing but owls doing stuff, and they're honestly the only owls that matter anywhere on the Internet.

Japanese Vine user あーや (pronounced: "oh ya") posts video after video of owls eating, flapping, and wearing hats. They can do anything because they're basically owl af. Observe:

These owls can be startled.

They can be like, "Mom. Stop."

They can jump in the water and only get their non-feathered owl parts wet.

They can eat food.

They can be food.

They can wear hats.

They can be hats.

They can say "I don't speak Japanese" in owl hoots.

They can (๏ _ ๏)