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Here's How Kim Kardashian Became Kween Of Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week wrapped today, and well, if you haven't been keeping close tabs on Kim Kardashian ever since she went blonde, she's had a hell of week—full of shows, concerts, and outfits. SO. MANY. OUTFITS. In a lot of ways, she had a more eventful fashion week than most of the models walking in shows!

Let's take a quick spin through her week, shall we?

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    Things kicked off, mysteriously, with a black hat.

  • Balmain
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    We quickly found out what was hiding under that hat—brand new blonde hair! Kim debuted the new look at Balmain's PFW show.

  • Lanvin
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    Later that day, Kim changed out of her entire black ensemble into a nude, netted dress. Kanye wore a sweatshirt that he also wore the following day.

  • Balmain After-Party
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    Even later that day, Kim changed for the fourth time, and brought her new 'do to the Balmain after-party. Also in attendance? Jared Leto, who revealed his platinum hair the same day.

  • Balenciaga
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    The following day at Balenciaga, Kim wore a white dress with cut-outs and a furry camel coat that I would not mind getting my hands on.

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    Kim didn't wear these metallic silver leggings and pink fur jacket to attend a show, just to chill in Paris. Same, TBH.

  • Kanye's Concert

    Later that day, she changed into a mesh shirt to watch her husband perform the first of four concerts at The Fondation Louis Vuitton.

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    The next day Kim wore this totally sheer ensemble to leave her hotel.

  • Givenchy
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    Mere hours later, Kim changed into another all-black look, although this one was not quite as sheer. It was, however, heavy on cleavage and, I assume, hope that the double-sided tape didn't shift.

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    After hanging out with Katy Perry all night, Kim left her hotel the next day in this, um, rather perplexing look. It's kind of a pinstripe suit? It's kind of a cardigan? It still manages to show off a red bustier? IDGI.

  • Then, a mere four days after debuting her blonde 'do, it was time to get her roots colored (already?!? OMG).

  • With her freshly dyed hair, she bit Kanye's cheek and using the eggplant and peach emoji as a caption, which totally extended her title as queen of Instagram captions.

  • Another Kanye Concert

    To show her never-ending support, she attended yet another Ye concert at The Fondation Louis Vuitton and brought along a model clique, including Kendall Jenner, her BFF Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, and more. So many more.

  • Liiike, even Kelly Rowland joined the crew. Imagine them all rolling into one place together? I

  • Louis Vuitton
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    And, finally, Kim wore head-to-toe black to hit up the Louis Vuitton show. She accessorized with dangling earrings which stand out in contrast with her hair and look goooood. More dangling earrings, please, Kim!

So, that's what Kim fit in since last Thursday. I think this means I can step my outfit changes up by, like, a lot.