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Police Surround Lil Wayne's Miami Mansion After Reported Shooting

Miami Police Department determined that there were no gunshots.

UPDATE (3/11/15, 3:30 p.m. ET): The Miami Police Department has confirmed that this was a "swatting" hoax.

“We weren't able to locate any victims or subjects inside the home," Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said. "The resident and the staff have been extremely very cooperative with police, which we appreciate. And at this point we have broken down the perimeter and we’re unable to locate any victims or subjects. We can say for sure it was a hoax. The nature and how that originated, we don’t know, that will lead to an investigation.”

Lil Wayne’s Miami mansion is currently surrounded by local police officers and the SWAT Team, following reports that gunshots were fired inside the residence on Wednesday morning (Mar. 11).

According to WSVN-TV in Miami, someone placed an anonymous call to a non-emergency line, claiming that four people were shot inside of the rapper's $9.4 million mansion, but the Miami Police Department told MTV News that no injuries have been reported as yet.

"Nobody's shot at all. We don't have anybody shot, they're just investigating right now," a spokesperson told MTV News. "We just got a call that there were shots fired and that's all we know."

In response to the shooting, the Miami Police Department have surrounded Wayne's home on the La Gorce Island -- a private island on Miami Beach.

There has been no comment from Lil Wayne so far, but most reports indicate that he wasn't home at the time of the shooting, and Young Money President, Mack Maine, confirmed via Twitter that he wasn't hurt.

This news follows reports that a suspicious person was found lurking near Lil Wayne's residence 11 days earlier. The person was questioned but not arrested for the incident.

WSVN-TV is currently live-streaming the scene at Lil Wayne's mansion (below), and their most recent update indicates that people are still inside, although police have not been able to enter the house yet.

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