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Fifth Harmony Has A Powerful Message For The Trans Community

"Love who you are no matter what that means," the group's Lauren Jauregui told MTV News.

If imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, Fifth Harmony's Camilo Cabello received the highest compliment when one trans fan renamed herself after the group member.

"Her name is Camila Joe now, her name was Joey and she told me that I inspired her to have the courage to transition," the singer told MTV News. "I’m really, really excited about this because it literally made my life."

Since sharing this story, Camila and the other ladies of 5H have learned their message of empowerment doesn't start and stop with Camila Joe.

"We've been getting a lot of response from the transgender community being like, ‘Hey, you inspired me too and you helped me out,'" Camila explained.

When first entering the industry, the fivesome never imagined they'd touch the lives of so many people. But now that they have a better understanding of their reach, they want to really help change the world.

"The fact that we’re able to inspire people [while] also doing what we love is just absolutely incredible," Normani Hamilton gushed. "[When we went] into ‘X Factor,’ we didn’t even know each other, we didn’t even know what we’d become but now to be able to have the platform that we do have, we just want to use it for the better."

So what message would 5H like to share with their fans and the trans community?

"The #1 thing we try to promote is to be who you are and to love who you are no matter what that means," Lauren Jauregui said. "We support that in every aspect of that meaning. I literally get chills thinking about us helping people become who they are it's an incredible feeling."