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5SOS Meet Their Idols, Get Starstuck AF

Jam sessions, Instagram pictures and fanboy tweets.

By Jessica Norton

When Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton got back in the studio to work on the next 5 Seconds Of Summer album, they decided to enlist some help from, oh, just their musical idols. The guys had a writing session with Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 and collabed with The Madden Brothers (of Good Charlotte fame and the co-writers behind the foursome's "Amnesia"). That's just to name a few.

In short, 5SOS went from constantly fanboy-ing over their pop/punk-rock heroes and to mixing, recording and hanging out with them. #Casual.

  1. 5SOS Had A 'Perfect' Jam-Sesh With Simple Plan

    Michael and Calum hit the studio with Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau of Simple Plan and rocked out to an acoustic throwback of their 2004 punk-ballad "Perfect."

  2. Michael Geeks Out Over Good Charlotte

    "Only for my boo," Joel replied.

  3. Calum And Luke Get Studio-Stir Crazy With Alex Of All Time Low

    Leave it to them to compare pornography to vinyl…

  4. Michael Geeks Out (Again) While Working With Sum 41

    During the session with Whibley, Michael revealed, "Wrote two of my favorite songs I've written." We cannot wait to hear them.

  5. Smells Like A Member Of Nirvana

    They got to meet Dave Grohl (!!!)

  6. 5SOS Like Boys Like Girls

    In 2013, the band spent time in the studio with Boys Like Girls lead singer Martin Johnson, who has produced Top 40 hits for Jason Derulo, Ariana Grande, Timeflies and Gavin Degraw, among other hitmakers.

  7. The Boys Go Bananas For FOB

    Calum literally brought bananas and included them in their Pete Wentz photo-op.

  8. Uh ... Nickelback?

    What crocs are to the shoe industry, people say Nickelback is to the music industry. But that didn't stop Ashton and Cal from snapping a pic. Rumor has it that a possible collab featuring One Direction, 5SOS, and Nickelback is in the works, as 1D members Louis and Liam also met up with Chad Kroeger in the studio recently. Hmm. ...